Our speaker will be Phil Stalnaker from B2 Solutions. This topic will address the importance of collecting and understanding the customer service data in your medical practice and how to use it to bring meaningful change in today’s competitive climate. With other models of medical practices such as concierge medicine and TeleMed doctors, your practice must know how to adapt and commit to flexibility to survive the changing market.

Phil is a licensed Guerrilla Marketing instructor focused on helping you turn your marketing/customer service plan into a data driven asset for your business. Phil focuses on the metrics – in business, data is king. Coming from a background in human psychology, Phil has spent many years in marketing, sales and customer service. He has experienced success across the country, including bringing a consulting office to profitability only nine months after entering the market and increasing multiple business’s revenue by over 50% within his first year on board. His years of experience have taught him that as long as you are willing to measure and adapt to an ever-changing consumer base, your success will be limitless. He currently runs operations at a local IT company and spends his free time working at a local church and spending time with his wife and children.

As always, we will be starting the meeting promptly at noon with respect to everyone’s busy schedule. Our goal is to have a very productive, informative meeting and get everyone back to work on time.